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#1 Posted : Saturday, February 8, 2014 5:03:39 AM(UTC)

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Just some little things I've noticed that I love that I think were good decisions, particularly in comparison to SC
1) When I make a structure, it ends up RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I can control where it goes, and leap frog off of my own stuff without having to recreate the same structure 10 times. It's a small change but I LOVE this.
2) Portal list. Sortable by time/distance/creator - AWESOME. Great info shown in the table making it so helpful to use with the globe.
3) Global chat with your own team and with both teams. This has been super fun, and great to see also the options for threads and private messages and local chat. You really embraced the chat features which really helped build the SC community, and did it nicely.
4) A "green team" is out there... I love the idea that you have the ability to shake things up in the future by adding a third team.
5) simplicity of structures... at least for now. I like this a lot to start off with. I'm sure others have good ideas for new stuff, but you kept it functional and simple which is nice.
6) I've heard rumors that you are only going to allow one account to play on each device, but that changing sides may be an option in the future. I like this a lot. Folks like to play both sides, and this will let us do it without creating multiple accounts, confusing people, having to re-grind early points, etc. Single account keeping people honest, but allowing people to play how they want. Brilliant.
7) Eliminating levels in favor of simple attribute "leveling" - Again, I think simplicity is good. Why add unnecessary components that don't enhance game play? Levels can be added later and it wouldn't be a terrible thing, but I agree that they aren't really necessary.
8) Dev team's active communication: Awesome. SC was always about secrets being kept... to protect some big secret. Your openness and willingness to write a simple answer or tell us what you need/are thinking is great. I hope it continues.

With that, please tell us if you need help. By that I mean, if you get to where you need everyone to drop $10 on in-game points to keep this going, please tell us. I think folks would respond. It's the same openness that SC didn't have, that I think contributed to it crashing.

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#2 Posted : Saturday, February 8, 2014 8:11:58 AM(UTC)

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Thank you for your imput, Maddy. We sincerely appreciate it. If you have any ideas, please post them to the suggestions forum. This game is built by gamers for gamers. Your ideas become reality in future versions. This game is far from being complete, and we have much to add to it yet.
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#3 Posted : Tuesday, February 11, 2014 9:38:17 AM(UTC)

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Honestly, I still can't get over the portal list and the ways in which you can sort it. Its so simple and so obvious and yet SO GENIUS. Thats gonna help so many people out.

Day/evening horizon is something I never would have even considered as something I would want. Just never would have even thought that way. I love how at night, the nexus are kind of hidden almost, if they are neutral. For how bare bones it is graphic-wise (do NOT tell the artists I said that, I mean that in a beta way, NOT a bad way) it was down right creepy the first time I lost a drone I was hunting in that almost smog-like texture of the outer reaches of nighttime visibility.

I love how some of the drones just WATCH you. Its like the PPA is just WAITING for us to mess up so they can regulate. Just now I turned around and found 5 drones just staring at me like Michael Myers.

Earlier tonight I saw the debut of Sym's green color via chat. Yours via status. Dont know if it is for a 3rd team or just the mods, but what I DO know is it was very cool watching progress happen, regardless of whatever that progress means.

MSP's #9 and closing statement says it all.

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#4 Posted : Wednesday, February 12, 2014 1:07:59 AM(UTC)

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The "green team", as you put it, is the PPA. It is currently an NPC faction, and likely to stay so, but LauraNorder is the only account attributed to that faction at this time. LN is an admin account, but you'll not see her drone currently. This may all change in the future.
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