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#1 Posted : Tuesday, May 20, 2014 10:00:16 AM(UTC)

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Originally posted as a reply to newsfeed. Please SHARE ANY THOUGHT WORD INCOMPLETE PHRASE. To balence the equilibrium between The needs of Hardcore Players vs. Casual/Nonactive/Beginner players

The aim of this is to form a COLLECTIVELY ACCEPTABLE solution to a problem that persistsin all games, even your candy crush (well maybe not). This thread should be looked into by the developers assess of a giant idea that will soon sprout equality inParaversume. Here is what I posted in the newsfeed, and every opinion will be greatly appreciated in not just this idea, but many others to come that real are to this problem.

I still thinkit should be payable via large amounts of PB or instead buy para bucks with 3day vacation all catchup for that 14.99$ price. But all players should be welcomed.
Therefore I propose that when the game exits alpha, everyone's build will be reset and depending on the level of the upgrades, award special ranks for levels 10-20 20-30 30-40 etc available to alpha players only. Then they have additional fair amount of PB added to their account.

This with the reset, for the first few months leave the cap at 20. And every month raise the cap by 1or2.
however hardcore players PAST THAT POINT CAN:
Invest in weekly resetting point multiplier called Energy Manipulator that is super expensive 1k or so (yikes) that ascends at an exponential value and every 1 level adds to your Point/Energy multiplier for THAT WEEKS CAMPAIGN ONLY.
For example:
level 1 Energy Manipulator 1.1x points
Level 2 Energy Manipulator 1.2x points
For it to be available to upgrade, Max upgrades to your drone is required.

The presence of this idea Is to still promote HARDCORE gameplay and yet limit the growth of the top players so the Bottom beginners/slackers such as myself can catch up eventually to the top dawgs. It sounds fair enough and should be considered for implementation. I feel this will be successful, yet with the EM having an effect on the leaderboards that award PB, all y'all crazy players can still be overpowered.

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#2 Posted : Tuesday, May 20, 2014 12:31:58 PM(UTC)

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I agree that the power gap between players is really frustrating, especially in campaigns that emphasize on PvP.

But caps are not the best solution because it's not fair for the top dogs; they earned their stats, after all.

I think, to close the gap we need ideas that strengthen new/occasional players, not ideas that weaken the top hitters.

Momentarily, the game is for grinders and fighters.
We need something for mission-solvers, supporters and explorers.

I like the idea about Energy Manipulators; how about if they are structures that can only be placed at the physical location, and some nexusses provide a higher bonus than others?
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#3 Posted : Sunday, June 1, 2014 7:39:03 PM(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: Iwashere Go to Quoted Post
I agree that the power gap between players is really frustrating, especially in campaigns that emphasize on PvP.

But caps are not the best solution because it's not fair for the top dogs; they earned their stats, after all.

I think, to close the gap we need ideas that strengthen new/occasional players, not ideas that weaken the top hitters.

Momentarily, the game is for grinders and fighters.
We need something for mission-solvers, supporters and explorers.

I like the idea about Energy Manipulators; how about if they are structures that can only be placed at the physical location, and some nexusses provide a higher bonus than others?

I know this is a big idea, but how about different classes? Fighters: gain more experience through fighting
Mission-solvers: more through solving the missions
Supporters: Gains more when other people are around and fighting
Explorers: gains more through collecting

Each would have their own perks to:
Fighters: slightly atronger attack
Mission-solvers: slightly more speed and/or building rates
Supporters: can give other players health
Explorers: can move freely within a radius of a structure (there would have to be more added to this, I'm just not sure yet)

I'm not to sure about the uneven power levels yet (maybe a bracket system?)
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#4 Posted : Thursday, June 19, 2014 7:19:20 AM(UTC)

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Have now played several days, grinding up levels and hanging out a lot.

You are running into a few of the big problems SC had, and some of them will be devastating when dealing with casual or new players.

--> Location and Setting Up a Base

New players always assume, with some justification, that a big part of the point of a location-based RPG is that their actual homes are their characters' homes. So part of the fun is to build up your home base. When you dodge back home with the Home button, you want to feel safe, drain your siphons, and leap back into the battle refreshed.

There are two problems with this, in terms of how the game actually works.

First, it seems logical that you should be able to sit at home and blast the odd PPA who turns up. If that turns out to be a bad idea, it seems reasonable to the new player that this is because now the PPA knows where you live and will come get you. But in fact, if you do this, it is the other team that will come blast you, because sitting and shooting at things draws PPs.

Second, once a battle has been fought on your home turf, you can never really go home again. That sounds corny, but it's quite real. Once the other team knows you're spawning in Vienna, somebody is going to get bored and try sneaking into Vienna to see if you've set up your base again -- and then they'll trash you again.

What this means is that you cannot make mistakes. There are no second chances. But every new player does this, because it seems like the obvious thing to do, and then every new player gets hosed... and can never turn back the clock. The result is that X, who spawns in Vienna, immediately warps to Fujian to check her siphons and stuff, and then slides over to Mexico to do some hunting. Ooop -- looks like that part of Mexico got trashed, better find a new place, how about Austin? Which means that location has just become completely moot. [Edit: by which I mean, it just becomes a list of names and distances, not actual locations on the actual Earth.]

This is VERY BAD. The cool thing about location-based is that my actual location physically in the real world matters. But this system, which is the same as SC had, means that it absolutely does not matter. And, what's more, the big hitters on the other team will punish you if you think it does.

If you want your game to make location fun and enjoyable, players need to be able to build bases that are, if not impregnable, at any rate reliable. A low-level character should not log in to find himself surrounded by opposing-team structures and turrets instead of the base he set up last night. You know what will happen: he will take out the odd turret, at which point a bunch of bad-ass opposing-team dudes will warp in and eat him for breakfast. And then what?

Ah, then you have just lost a player. Because here's what happens: the big dudes will hang around, doing some hunting. As soon as the newbie respawns and comes in, they'll shoot him. And again. And again. Eventually, especially if the new player lives in an urban area, the new player will have to log in and immediately warp to a random location or get shot. The actual home base location is now a deathtrap. This is NOT FUN. And so the player thinks, "why am I doing this? This sucks, and people hate me, and they just gang up and bully me when I was hoping to have a little fun. Screw this, I'm out of here." And you have lost a player -- who will also tell his friends.

This was a DISASTER in SC, and the only thing I see in Paraversume that prevents the same thing is that there aren't all that many players yet. You MUST fix this!!!!

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#5 Posted : Thursday, June 19, 2014 7:48:11 AM(UTC)

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--> Annoying Players

In any game, there are going to be jerks. That's the way of the world. But when the teams start to talk about each other in venomous ways, and behave badly because they think the other guys are all jerks, the game is starting to get ugly -- and thus not fun in the long run.

Let's face it: unless we were dumb, we knew from the start that the team choice was arbitrary. It doesn't matter what you actually care about, you just pick a color. Orange or blue.

Now when I played SC, everyone on my team talked about the other team as bad people, assholes, people who didn't want everyone to have fun and just liked picking on people. WE are nice people, and supportive, and great, but THEY are total dicks.

Guess what? I chose a team arbitrarily for Paraversume, and you know what? Everyone KNOWS that the blues are dicks. You have to be an asshole to stick with the blue team, obviously. Orange, oh, we're quite saintly.

I know that's not statistically significant or anything, but I'm betting that the Blues talk about the Oranges the same way. Sure, we have the odd dickhead, but we don't know about it or we laugh it off. Probably both. But their guy? Oh, he's an asshole.

This is NOT GOOD.


1. Start a third team. Just think through what will happen, right? A PP goes up, and THREE teams show. Who shoots whom? If Blue really are dicks, Orange and Black (or whatever) will trash Blue, and Blue will always lose. Good: they learn something, maybe. But if in fact everyone is pretty much evenly balanced normal people, it gets complicated real fast. Blue-1 will talk or think, Blue-2 always shoots first, and so on. But since Blue-2's actions get Blue Team trashed, Blue Team will have to do something to rein in Blue-2's behavior. And the same goes for the other teams. I suggest that you accept volunteers up to X percentage from Blue and Orange to form the new team, so that everyone is equal very quickly.

2. Set up the occasional BIG MONSTER BASH. Drop a 10k Igor and tell everyone where it is -- set up a non-aligned portal to go to. Now will people team up to trash the Igor, or will they shoot each other? If one Orange decides it'd be funny to shoot a Blue, won't Orange be just as pissed as Blue about the result? And so on.

3. Have the PPAs be aligned. You get full XP for blasting them no matter what alliance, but if the poo hits the fan and you're outgunned, your aligned PPAs will join in to take out the other team(s). Weakest team gets the most PPA allies, or PPA allies only support the weakest team, or whatever. So if you show up at a PP and the other team has zillions of heavy hitters, the longer you can hold out and do your best, the more bad-ass PPAs the other team has to fight off at the same time. Balances the equation a little.

Because in the end, it's all about balance. For the new or casual player, getting hosed by some big meanie from the other team is not fun. It's even less fun when you realize that there is nothing at all you can do about it. Sure, you can call for help, but by the time your team's big hitters show up the other guy is gone, or you call for a PP and everyone on both sides shows up -- at which point you are a trivial casualty in a big battle. Not fun.

4. Develop Team Leaders, people who play a lot, have powerful drones, and behave well. Have teams put names forward for leaders, and have the other team cast an important (if not necessarily deciding) vote. If Orange puts forward a big hitter who's a total jerk to the Blues in every venue, they should be able to vote her down. But if Orange puts forward someone that the Blues think plays fair and honest, that's a good leader. And then, when reining in your team's bad-behaving jerks becomes important, those leaders need to step forward and do something. When they do, by the way, you should have "thank you" tags on posts and names. Those who get the most such tags FROM THE OPPOSING TEAM get XP bonuses -- leaders only, of course; this should be subject to some comment or review or whatever by the originating team, just in case. But the idea is that you should be able to have team leaders who get XP bonuses (or whatever) for being enemies their enemies can respect. Among other things, this means that if one Blue player is being a total jerk to someone else, for example haunting a newbie's spawn in order to blow him up just because, the Blue leader who says "stop it or else" has an incentive -- and Orange has someone to turn to when their new player is having an awful time because of the Big Blue Meany.

Can't resist:
"Yes, your Blueness!"
"Whaaaaaat? Blue meanies only take no for an answer!"
"No, your Blueness!"
"That's better, Max."

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#6 Posted : Thursday, June 19, 2014 8:03:03 AM(UTC)

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A very quick idea:

Work out a threshold that you consider the XP cutoff between "new/casual" and "advanced/hardcore." The algorithm should include XP, skill levels, number of kills, and regularity of login.

Scaling down from this threshold, give those falling below two things for their structures: auto-shields (and fast healing) and low XP.

So here's a newbie, has very low skills, a few kills here and there, logs in for an hour every couple of days. Right? She sets up a portal and some siphons.

Now along comes the Big Orange Baddie and finds this stuff. He snickers evilly, and starts blasting. But what happens? 90% of the damage just ablates away into nothing, so it takes forever to trash the things, and they keep healing wickedly fast, and when the BOB finally succeeds... he gets 0 XP. He thinks, WTF?

Team Leaders and others inform the BOB on the chats: newbies have automatic protection and are worth no points. If you hunt their bases, you get nothing and it takes forever.

Lesson: You want to trash newbie constructions? Be prepared to burn P-bucks, spend a lot of time, and get no reward. And by the way, YOUR OWN TEAM will think you are a total dick. So don't do it. Spend your energy on the big boys, and let new players get to like the game before they have to deal with jerks like you full-on (and wait until they can fight back and know the shtick!).


Let those Team Leaders have a special power: they can shoot their own team members and structures. I can't think of a better way to do it. Think:

Blue-Meany has been trashing people, spewing filth on the chat rooms, generally behaving like the 11-year-old moron he is. He has been warned repeatedly, but he doesn't seem to get that he's being a jerk -- "that's how the game works, man!" -- and he's been grinding and blowing real money so long that he seems unstoppable. OK?

OK, so a PP goes up. Blue-Meany is right in the front, of course, and searching for low-level Oranges to hurt because this makes him feel like he is manly. Suddenly, Blue-Meany is taking big hits, lots of them. From whom? Blue Team Leaders. He can't shoot back, but they shoot him. They kill him. They post to the local chat: "Sorry about that. Can we get back to a proper fight?"

If this has to happen a lot, Blue-Meany is going to quit. He's going to say, "yeah, that game sucks, man, I'm going back to XXXXXX where I can be a dick to my heart's content!" Good! That was one player you didn't want. And when he's gone, Blue Team Leaders should get major kudos from Orange for keeping the game fun.

See? Let the opponents collaborate on fun rather than hating each other, protect the newbies and reward supporting them, and make the social situation something everyone with an ounce of maturity can love.

When you achieve that, you start getting chat posts like this:

"Ow! Got me, you rotten bugger!"
"Ha ha, dodge better you weenie."
"Hey, by the way, how's that thing you were setting up in Tampa going?"
"Good, I think, but I've got a new job and don't have much time to check on it."
"Hey, cool. Want me to tell the gang not to trash the area?"
"Nah, no worries. Nothing big. But if YOU personally trash it, I will personally eat you for breakfast."
"Uh huh. That's what your wife said last night"
<I think we can cut that one off right there!>

This is now a game that grownups will enjoy playing.
#7 Posted : Thursday, June 19, 2014 8:33:56 AM(UTC)

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I think the big problem with the team leaders thing is that we already have moderators (though they have been busy/sick lately). The mods and Sym can ban/temp ban people. Also, in a fight situation, neither team is going to have the time to fire on his own team while being fired at from the opposite team. It puts you back at square one: team x leader trying to police his own team while getting upset with team y for attacking. Another problem with a leader role is "what happens when they aren't on?" There are no friend lists and so if you summon an e portal, your entire team sees it (depending on notification settings). So someone is bound to step up if something is amiss.

As for lower level players. Diamonds form under pressure. Harassing is one thing. But if player x finds player y's stuff, they are going to play in accordance with the base nature of this game and most likely destroy it.

Sym/mods is/are very responsive if there is an actual problem between players. I just don't believe we need powers granted to a team leader, a position that in reality is shared by dozens of people on both sides, and that changes depending on time of day.
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#8 Posted : Thursday, June 19, 2014 10:07:27 AM(UTC)

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If there are currently non-active mods, that does change things. But I'd like to see teams wanting to police themselves. Maybe not in battle - point well taken - but in general. Grownups should police their own, not beg the adults to do it for them.
#9 Posted : Wednesday, June 25, 2014 12:21:25 AM(UTC)

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Re. Power differences:

Window of immunity - a (open top-end) statistical relationship between an attacker vs defender to protect lowbies. The player with low shields is protected against a player with too high level weapons in a sliding window that center on a player's attribute level. (e.g: if window adjustment for immunity was -15 attribute levels, then a weapons 25 can attack shield values 11+ but shield values 0-10 are immune.)
Of course if a sliding scale window like this is too much code, a simple 'shields < 10 = immunity' would siffice but this could be exploited by already powerful players who purposely set shields at 10 to gain unfair advantage.
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