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#1 Posted : Tuesday, July 8, 2014 10:08:41 AM(UTC)

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Here's my feedback. Although they are written "as things should be", everyone hopefully understands that they are just my opinions.
I haven't really gone through the whole forum, so I hope I'm not just saying the same things as everyone has already said. Sorry about the lousy english.

* Graphics etc
** There needs to be a bigger difference:
- Between PPAs and players. Remember SC? A newbie could clearly see that there's a difference between players and spirits.
In SC the player could also see what she looks like and compare it to other objects, but because of the point of view this is lacking the same visual hint.
- Between high level players and low level players. The hp amount isn't clear enough for the new player to decide between attacking and running.
There needs to be a clear indicator about the level, or otherwise about the strength of the player. This could be just "Lvl 15" or the ship would just look meaner.
- Between my siphons and my every other players siphons.
** PPAs look just silly warping backwards. Not a big issue, but would make this look more polished to get them move without warping and turned to the right direction.
** Map
- Too much stuff that looks exactly the same. Take smallest paths away, make footpaths look different from driveways and add some street names.
Now I don't even recognize the area I'm living.
** Get somebody to do basic typography changes: For example in every view the headline is the same font and size as "Back" button, except the Drone view. Almost every view needs some touching.

* Balance
** Between low levels and high levels
- Discourage attacking players with lower level with lower xp and really high xp from attacking stronger players than you.
This would give low levels a possibility to gain xp and gameplay experience from battles.
- Exit time from hades would be higher every level you gain.
New players come back to battle quickly. Low xp and quick respawn would make attacking low levels useless.
New players can also enjoy the game, with lower punishment from mistakes.
** PPA missions for newbies, battle missions for higher levels
- Doesn't have to be different missions, just make it more profitable for newbies to do PPA missions and high levels to do battle missions.
- New players get a soft introduction by training with PPAs and getting levels before battles.
- PPA houses as in SC, or other "collectables". Seems a bit silly, but they made SC spirit missions much more interesting to a newbie and gave a reason for players to interact.
** Home base advantage
- Defending you own base (at your location) should give some advantage to you. I have seen some good ideas here, but I haven't seen automatic siphon draining.
Would make it easier to dodge etc, as you wouldn't have to drain constantly. Would also help new players in PPA missions.

* UI
- The main action navigation just doesn't work really well with new iOS control center (as you've noticed) and canceling is a bit too hard. It should deselect the actions if you slide your finger far enough.
- Finding opponents outside your field of view is a bit too hard (don't know what the radar updates are bringing) and the pinch-out spyglass needs two hands. It's annoying while walking, cycling etc.
- Small and transparent N/E/S/W marks on the map horizon would make it easier to navigate, when asked to "go west" in chat.
- Why do I need to press "login" every time I start the app?
- There's way too many views overall. Try to simplify stuff and leave out views that aren't really needed.

* Gameplay
I think this is the hardest part to get right. The overall feeling playing this compared to SC (and many other games) isn't at the same level. These might not make the difference, but here's my try:
- Graphics are too "default" and lack that unique "Paraversume feeling"
- Field of view makes the main view messy as all ships align in a really small area in the screen.
SC had a third-person point of view that allowed things to align better and gave a larger field of view over your surroundings. This helped seeing what's happening around you in battles.

* Misc
- Give players an option to give feedback straight from the game, as it seems the most natural way for them to do it

Why is the local chat "back" button located in a different place than everywhere else and it's labeled "cancel"?

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